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ExtruCrete tilt-up panels create a superior sanitary surface that is designed for durability and cleanliness, combining the strength of concrete and the easy-to-clean finish of Extrutech Poly Board panels. This creates a non-porous,prefinished, precast, structural panel that reduces the finishing and installation time of your construction project. The end result is a bright white, sanitary, easy-to-clean wall.


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      ExtruCrete Durable and Sanitary Tilt-Up Wall Panel System

 Dairy Parlor with ExtruCrete Wall Panels and Extrutech
 Poly Board Panels on the Ceiling
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ExtruCrete  ASTM-E84 Test Report
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Recommended uses:
For any area that requires easy to clean concrete structural walls,     
such as:
- Dairy Barns - Milking Parlors - Car Washes
- Cheese Plants - Food Processing - Clean Rooms
- Bottling Plants - Cold Storage - Laboratories

Available in a bright white, high gloss hard surface
- For use in high moisture areas where corrosion may be a problem
- Low maintenance, easy to clean with high pressure washer
- Plastic will not delaminate
- Brightens the interior of any building
- Resists mold, mildew, bacteria growth
- Panels will not rust, rot, or flake
- Cleans easily - low maintenance
- Water-proof, corrosion-proof
- Termite-resistant
- Never needs paint
- Fewer seams
- ASTM-Class A Building Panel
- Reduces construction time and labor cost
- For tilt-up and precast construction

                                                                                                                              . Tilt-up Installation of ExtruCrete Wall Panels


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